Burnt Weiners Episode 044 Thor #615

How many “though are” lines can they cram into one book? The Weiners hope to find out. Catching up with the new creative team of Matt Fraction and Pascal Ferry’s Thor, the guys check out a comic that they are not really familiair with. Will they enjoy this trip into the unknown?

Bo finds he likes chainmail bikinis more than just wearing them and checks out Queen Sonja, decides he likes Daken much more than his old man Logan with Dark Wolverine, and checks out the penultimate issue for 1 Month 2 Live.

Weeddecides that if he has to come in here one more time he is gonna bust some skulls and checks out Skullkickers! He then moves over to Marvel to check out some Shadowland tie-ins for Moon Knight and Daughters of the Shadow. Then a spooky, haunted tank and it’s commander give him a good fright in GI Combat.

John laments about the Wildstorm closing news, and gets even fatter on bon bons.

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