Killyrcomics Episode 49 – attack of the tangents

Killyrcomics Podcast Episode 49

Episode 49 and apparently it is hard to stay focused.  Don likes the end of One Moment in Time, but Drew is not so sure.  Incredible Hulks continues to be enjoyable, but Drew is missing Paul Pelletier.  Don catches up on Spawn and is all geared up for #200. Matt tries to review Batman #703, but Don won’t let him.  Drew reviews I Am Legion HC and Don is grooving on Matt Kindt’s latest, Revolver.  Don tries to explain the difference between new reviews and flashback reviews as he reviews Infinity Inc. #1 from 1986 as a new review.

Drew continues to give digital some love by checking out Stuff of Legend and Cla$$war, and Matt continues to catch up on Green Lantern with issue #6.

News doesn’t cover anything terribly noteworthy, but Drew corrects some of his statements about and gives them some love.

Deciphering the DCU kicks into high gear as we cover weeks 24 through 28.

In flashback reviews, Drew covers Alpha Flight #23 and #24 and reminisces about John Byrne’s historic run on the title.  Matt continues to gush about Blackest Night and Green Lantern as he catches up with the DCU.


Podcast: Episode 49

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