Sidekickcast Episode #47 – Beards and Mountains

SidekickCast Episode #47 - Beards and Mountains

Due to Indianna Jones-style-globe-trotting, with the red line and everything, this week’s episode is a little late but as always Gavin and Dan are on top Sidekickcast form. We actually talk about comic book matters for once with some CLiNT rundown, Alan Moore character assassination and a look at The Dark Tower adaptation.

In Stack Attack this week we look at Scarlet #2, Shadowland #3, Daredevil #510, True Blood #1 & 2, X-Force: Sex & Violence #3, Avengers #4 and New Avengers #3.

Dan is seriously closing in on Gavin in Secrets and Lies, the comic book news quiz with a twist but can he keep it up?! The Dig This! choice this week comes from Sidekick favourite Chris Barker in the form of Blade of the Immortal vol.1. Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for our usual brand of comedy cock-ups.

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