Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 158 Raging Insomniacs!

A 2+ hour edition of Chronic Insomnia? The Raging Bullets thinks that’s out of control! The good news is that we spend the time with elegance and sophistication, talking about the art of the prolapsed anus, Batman toys engaging in self abuse, and high quality television like “Freaky Eaters” and “The Event”.

Josh Brolin poops on Jonah Hex in a classy way in Chronic News. Plus, Brian Hibbs spots the iceberg off our comics industry bow – but are we smart enough to steer clear? In the immortal words of Asia, “only time will tell.”

Also included in this episode: friend of the show Irish Mike McLarty tells you about an exclusive offer on select Vertigo TPBs available on his column at DCB Service! Ever wondered what happens to superheroes when they die? We’ve got exclusive coverage on what happened to Cable after X-Force # 28 in this episode!

Check out our friends at Where Monsters Dwell.  That and much more at out World Famous Blog and totally awesome website.  We love the all of you.

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