The MeanGeek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #53-“Voodoo Dolls Don’t Cause Chafing”

We Run through Dark Times, Superman Grounded, scary parellels between hector hammond and charles xavier, wonder at the same’s grooming habits, comment on larfleeze’s paralelles to consumerist america, Cynorg superman, engage in speculation about what it would take to read a trigger twins book, the cruelty of ted kord’s BB Gun; also of note is the Rev’s distate for the pacing of Zatanna, debate Nemesis’ merits or not-we can’t figure it out yet. There’s a lot more, including Alfonso Bat-iano and the wretched pile of monkey vomit that is Morrison Batman. Then, somehow, we get semi deep and debate wether it’s better to do your own stuff, or make a mark in a lasting property

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