The Next Issue 42: Mega Man, Gran’ma and You…

The Next Issue Podcast


The crew get together on Labor Day just for YOU.

In this episode, Will talks about “Lord Jobs” and the Apple keynote speech, which also takes us into a discussion about how cable has lost 700K customers within the last QUARTER. The Return of the revenge of srquels are upon us as we talk about Kick @ss 2, Clash of the Titans 2 and the Journey to the Center of ther Earth 2…boy has the Rock fallen far! In 1st Impressions, Kev and Aitch are split over Mafia 2 but no one gets split over Machete except the baddies in the movie! In Comic Reviews, Aitch reviews the hot hot hot Azteca 1, Chew 13 and Morning Glories 1, Kev Reviews the new Boys mini, Highland Laddie as well as Ultimate Mysteries and Elden reviews a comic con exclusive, Robots are Cool, Zombies are Jerks.

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