Burnt Weiners Episode 041 Justice League Generation Lost #8

Max Lord is up to his old tricks again, but now, nobody but the Justice Weiners can stop him! They do this by obviously reading the latest issue of Justice League Generation Lost, all while balancing flaming barrels upon their chins. Please note John does not gush the whole entire show over a team he loves, instead, he shows his love through interpretive dance (not available on MP3 download).

Weed gets his much needed dose of Moon Knight this month with a Shadowland tie in, and talks a little bit about Green Arrow. Steege loves the 90 minute chunks of Elemental War of Magic he gets to play after be very lucky in snagging the super hot IDW comic Jurassic Park (note sarcasm)

John does finally get a chance to gush, and he does so with Batgirl, and then does even more so with Revolver (Vertigo), the new hardcover from Matt Kindt (Superspy). Bo wraps the show up with some Punisher and Batman talk.

Be sure to stick around after the ending music (which you should always anyways) for the hot new song the Weiners made that will be tearing up the charts, and Bo’s dog getting a little bit sick.

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