Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 156 Coke Whores Rule!

Paris Hilton mistakes her coke for Big League Chew in the opener.  Cue uninspired minor meltdown for Ryan.  We introduce a new segment into the mix:  The Canada Report!  What shocking news will rock Canada and its moose population – details inside!

Kurt Busiek, the great mediator, sets fire to the House of Hickman in Chronic News!  Meanwhile, Brevoort says that by this time next year, the Fantastic Four will be no more!  Also, a digital comic sells three million copies?  The digital revolution is in high gear, but is the Pocket God story a triumph or tragedy?

Fairly in depth coverage of Star Wars: Blood Ties and Morning Glories, and a riveting dissection of ankle vs. crew socks.  Tune in and find out why Monster Mike calls Chronic Insomnia “A show he sometimes listens to in the background while playing video games.”

Listen to our friends at Where Monsters Dwell and Comic Tube. We also have a riveting Blog and website you should check out if you’re cool. If not, check them out anyways, because we’re NOT cool. WLTAOY.

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