Alternate Reality – Episode 316

Alternate Reality - Episode 316

Alternate Reality – Episode #316

Okay, it’s all been building to this. We’ve been dry humping Scott Pilgrim’s leg like nobody’s business and this is the climax. This is the money shot of all our fornitastic Scott Pilgrim love. This is our review of the Scott Pilgrim Movie. Dewayne Feenstra joins us again this week as we all gush (or maybe squirt?) with nothing but praise for Scott Pilgrim’s new Movie. If you’re a Scott Pilgrim virgin, or even if you’ve never liked the Pilgrim, after hearing our review, you’ll be cuming all over to our side of the debate, and basking in the sweet sweaty afterglow of Scott Pilgrim goodness.

Whew,.. I think I need a cigarette.


Time Stamps h:mm:ss

0:00:00 – Cold Open
0:00:06 – Intro Music
0:00:34 – Intro

0:07:02 – Scott Pilgrim Movie Review!!!

0:58:31 – Listener Feedback
1:23:14 – Close
1:27:56 – Exit Music

All Music from the Scott Pilgrim Motion Picture Soundtrack

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