WMD 113 with Neal Adams

This week we welcome Neal Adams to the Monster Cave. The word ‘legendary’ gets thrown around a lot these days but in this case it certainly fits the bill. From his work re-establishing Batman as a dark brooding figure to his work making Green Lantern/Green Arrow ‘relevant’ and from his work on a few small Marvel properties like X-Men and Avengers, Neal Adams has cemented himself as a legend in the comics industry. He joins us this week to chat about creator rights, how the industry has changed since he got in, his new Batman series ‘Odyssey’ and ‘The Art of Neal Adams’, a luxurious coffee-table
career retrospective art book like none ever produced on Adams before from Vanguard Publishing.
“The Art of Neal Adams (Vanguard) is the most luxurious book ever
published to span the legendary Batman, Green Lantern and X-Men
artist’s career!”

If you have a question for Neal be sure to give us a call and ask the man yourself. If you’re feeling shy, you can post your question on our Facebook wall.

Also if time allows; New Comics Day, New Releases and Opening Night!

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