Burnt Weiners Episode 040 Marvel Universe VS The Punisher #2

Punisher is once again slaughtering the Marvel Universe, and this time, it is to beat back all the Marvel Heroes and Villians who have caught a slight viral outbreak which makes them eat people . . .

Steege announces his contest . . . a first for Burnt Weiners! Write in to burntweiners@gmail and tell him what movie/game/etc you want to see made into a comic book that hasn’t yet (or for a good long while). You could win a shirt .  .  . previously owned by Steege. Include your shirt size!

The talk then moves onto Dragon Age: Origin and it’s downloadable content. Weed tells us about Unwritten, Dust Wars and some Shadowland stories.

Bo is blown away by Daytripper #9, and then falls back in love with Knights of the Dinner Table. The show is wrapped up when Punisher busts in, blasting the Weiners to death, confusing them with the Great Lakes Avengers.

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