F BombCast 96: Flying Stags with Missile Packs

Do you feel like Partying? Then call this episode 100, feeling slightly tired and wish Episode 100 was another week, you are in luck cause you can say it is Episode 96. We learn Many Things in this episode that ¬†are pertinent to the survival of our society, such as ummm…well…ahhhhhh.. yeah i was on the show and just finished listening to it and barely remember what the hell we spoke about. All i know is it was a party and all of you are invited. Me and Kev go over our top five brutal scenes in Film (cause someone needs more than a one day reminder). We here about a super shitty SciFi movie, and learn what Mike doesn’t like about the newest Dr. Who. Comic talk is represented with a great talk on Red Robin and Booster Gold. We go over the hatred that is One Moment in Time. TJ Gets slightly confused on Reading Korean Manga because it reads Correctly. Also some Hatred spewed at a Breast Cancer Research Charity and at Robert Kirkman.

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