Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 154 The Simpatico Episode

It’s time for another episode of the only comics podcast dedicated entirely to elegeance and sophistication, brought to you every week like a pre-programmed stripper!  The first order of business for the new Chronic is revisiting the old Chronic.  The truth about the zombie babie revealed, Mike’s horrible subliminal messages regarding his own cat, and our show turned into Paranormal Activity last week and we don’t bat an eye?  Full details on our trip into the Twilight Zone.

In actual news, Matthew Vaughn declares the superhero movie era dead!  (Now if you’ll excuse him, he has an X-Men film to direct)  Why Astonishing Thor represents everything that is wrong with modern comics marketing, and Morning Glories is the Next Big Thing – just ask Comic Book Resources contributor Ryan Lee!

For those of you waiting for another weird one…this is a weird one.  Full scientific discussion of morning timber?  Check.  Soulful guest appearance by lounge legend Dennis Thwought?  Check.  Mike and Ryan sing a duet during Market Spotlight? Check.  Learn why Remington J. Osborn calls Chronic Insomnia “A show I listen to on Tuesdays.”

Comics legend Neal Adams is on WMD this Wednesday! If being the best comics show in North America isn’t enough for you, now you have no excuses, folks.  Also check out our Blog and New Website.

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