Burnt Weiners Episode 039 Morning Glories #1

Is it possible for the Weiners to put their plans for world domination on hold and check out the kick off issue to Morning Glories from Image Comics? The answer is probably “no”, but come check out them out anyways!

The guys also get a lot of listener feedback and share their thoughts on what cartoons they wish would be given a second chance and return to TV today. Captain Planet? He-Man? Dennis The Menace?

Steege and John checked out Scott Pilgrim (along with every other damn nerd across the country), and realize the main character might be a bit of a feminene hygeine product.

Weed checks out the new D&D comic, Bo checks out The Buzzard and Hawks of Outremer, and Steege checks out a few movies, Paycheck and The Place Promised In Our Early Days.

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