The Next Issue: Episode 41 We Dish Out Some Indie Love!!!


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In this episode  we find ourselves with a full house. Aitch, Kevin, Greg, Elden, and Will are all here.
We start off with our poor, somewhat neglected mailbag with letters from Andi Ewington (author of 45) and Anthony Del Cor (co creator of Kill Shakespeare) as well as a few others.

In the news, we send another reminder about the Baltimore Comic Con coming in 2 weeks.

We discuss a study via Pew Internet Research  that found that 1 in 5 Americans  still are without internet access.

We give our reaction to the franchising of Batman Inc. coming in November as well as Scott Pilgrim vs the iPad

In What’s Tangling the Webs, Kevin finds a little bit of info about a new Bioshock title.

In 1st Impressions, Aitch throws the flag out on Madden 11 while Kevin discusses Scott Pilgrim vs the World and why The Expendables, for what it is, is a touchdown in the theaters.

In our comics review in showing some love for the indie scene,  Greg talks about Daytrippers 1 thru 8, Kev talks about The Walking Dead 76, he and Aitch discuss The Boys 46 and the crew gives thier take on Kill Shakespeare 1 through 4.

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