Previews Spotlight #034: 2010-08

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the contents of the August 2010 Previews catalog and play clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

We had 6 other podcasts/blogs represented this month:

Only the Valiant

DC Noise

Geek Brunch

Kryptographik Network

Welcome to Heavenside

Killyr Comics

and 2 listeners:

Randy Dickson

Ian Gowan

Items mentioned:

p.26 (John Mayo) Star Wars: Knight Errant #1 DCBS 50%

p.32 (Sean Neprud) Turok, Son of Stone #1

p.38 (Bob Bretall) Beasts of Burden / Hellboy

p.54 (Bob Bretall) Classic Comics Archives: Complete White Indian HC DCBS 53%

p.64 (Mike Myers) Teen Titans #88

p.72 (John Mayo) Justice League of America #50 DCBS 50%

p.84 (Mike Myers) Superman #704

p.86 (Bob Bretall) Supergirl Annual #2 DCBS 50%

p.90 (Randy Dickson) Doc Savage #7

p.95 (John Mayo) R.E.B.E.L.S. #21 DCBS 50%

p.96 (Mike Myers) Ragman: Suit of Souls #1

p.98 (Damian Smith) Vertigo: Resurrected #1

p.122 (Bob Bretall) Fables #100 DCBS 50%

p.151 (John Mayo) Star Trek: Captain’s Log: Jellico DCBS 50%

p.152 (Mike Myers) Edge of Doom #1

p.152 (Ian Gowan) Edge of Doom #1

p.161 (Damian Smith) The Coffin: 10th Anniversary Edition HC

p.170 (John Mayo) Elephantmen: War Toys: Agathe One Shot DCBS 50%

p.178 (Damian Smith) Mage, v1: The Hero Discovered HC

p.178 (Drew Woodworth) Mage, v1: The Hero Discovered HC

p.181 (Damian Smith) Nightmare World, v2: Leave the Light On OGN

p.199 (Bob Bretall) Pilot Season: The Asset DCBS 75% ** Interview w/Filip Sablik **

p.201 (Bob Bretall) Pilot Season: Midway Earth DCBS 75%

p.205 (Bob Bretall) Top Cow: First Look TP DCBS 75% ** Interview w/Filip Sablik **

p.M4 (Damian Smith) Tron: The Betrayal #1

p.M20 (John Mayo) Ultimate Comics: Thor #1 DCBS 50%

p.M32 (John Mayo) Captain America #611 DCBS 50%

p.M87 (Bob Bretall) Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Battlefield v1 HC DCBS 50%

p.225 (Damian Smith) The God Machine HC

p.247 (John Mayo) Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #1 DCBS 75%

p.251 (Bob Bretall) Lady Death Premiere DCBS cost

p.255 (Bob Bretall) Warlord of Mars #1 DCBS 75%

p.284 (Drew Woodworth) Xenozoic: The Complete Collection TP

p.298 (Randy Dickson) The Phantom Detective #1

p.311 (Randy Dickson) Shrapnel: Hubris TP

p.314 (Bob Bretall) Clint #1 DCBS 45%

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