Burnt Weiners Episode 038 Electric Ant #5

The guys (and gal as Bo’s wife Adel joins us) start the show off by taking some listener mail and talking Star Wars. They also want to hear what cartoon you want brought back and why, email us a burntweiners@gmail.com

Breaking into the series known as Electric Ant, the guys manage to sound high and pompous while waxing philosophical .  . . more waning than waxing.

Steege checks out some more Star Wars, Castlevania and Blood Bowl, Adel reads Farhenheit 451 only to spite John, Weed checks a ton of comics like Secret Six, Brightest Day and Marvel Vs The Punisher Universe. John talks a bit about the Fables Cinderella trade and Sparta USA, before Bo wraps things up with Thor and Crossed.



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