Burnt Weiners Episode 037 Green Arrow #2

THUNK! The boys check out the fanciest, hairiest man in tights since Robin Hood (or atleast since Robin Williams in Hook) with Green Arrow #2! What is Oliver Queen up to during Brightest Day and who has he pissed off?

Weed checks out a Angel (IDW), X-Men and a graphic novel based on the music work of The Magic Flute, before handing it off to John who tells us a bit about A Friendly Game (SLG) and how Mondo Urbano (Oni Press) kicked his buttocks!

Guest to the show Tyler talks about Walking Dead, John Wilkes Booth and the secret of time travel locked in Swan Lake. Bo gets really excited for The Buzzard (Dark Horse) and not as excited for The Scourge (Aspen). Steege enjoys some alone time with a Sarah Palin comic from Antartic Press!

The show wraps up with an alien invasion . . . or was it a train robbery? Who knows, who care, who is still reading this?



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