Alternate Reality – Episode 307

Alternate Reality - Episode 307

Alternate Reality – Episode #307

We’re running a tight ship here at the Alternate Reality Podcast, and you’ll notice a difference in this episode with more concise, precise, reviews. No beating around the bush, or getting lost down long winding tangents that have nothing to do with the topic at hand. And, best of all, no racist rantings. It’s the all new, all professional, Alternate Reality!!! This week Chris tells us why Artifacts from Top Cow is the event book for him, Charlie loves Batman by Kevin Smith, and Jon fills us in on why Jimmy and Justin are killing it on Time Bomb!!! All the reviews are pretty positive this week with the exception of Jon’s lighting round review of The Return of Bruce Wayne for which he needed help just to figure out what happened in the issue. All in all, not bad.


Time Stamps h:mm:ss

0:00:00 – Cold Open
0:00:06 – Intro Music
0:01:20 – Intro
0:06:40 – In Stock Trades Advertisement

0:07:46 – Comic Reviews
0:08:55 – Artifacts #1
0:15:09 – Action Comics #891
0:18:46 – Batman: The Widening Gyre #6
0:28:38 – Uncanny X-Men #526
0:35:11 – Time Bomb #1
0:48:25 – Detective Comics #867

0:52:32 – Lightning Round
0:52:55 – Scourge #0
0:54:39 – Flash #4
0:57:18 – Green Lantern #56
1:01:23 – Pilot Season: Stellar #1
1:03:46 – Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #4
1:07:58 – Wonder Woman #601

1:12:11 – E-mail
1:14:45 – Close
1:18:24 – Exit Music

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