Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 152 A Laugh An Hour?

Hi! We’re Chronic Insomnia, the world’s most absurd comic book podcast. This week we consist of Ryan Lee, Mike, and metrosexual correspondent Mike Turek guest stars!

Once a week we like to entertain ourselves with about twenty minutes of inappropriate self-disclosure and irresponsible social commentary followed by sixty minutes that mostly deals with comics.

For instance, in this episode we unveil Mel Gibson’s new weight loss program before diving into the incredible news item that might save San Diego Comic Con forever! Frank Miller tackles Al Queda! Since he’s writing the book, our money is on Frank! And somebody should think about pulling Neil Gaiman off Todd, because this is just getting ugly.

If you feel like money is something you’d like to have, we’ll show you once again how to find things collecting dust in your local comic shop that will bring you the aforementioned money. Like the reigning champion of the Omnibi, and a Platinum book that is pure gold. Last week’s comic misses, this week’s comic hits, and Irish Mike finally gets a little love this week – although not nearly as much he deserves or was expecting.

Somewhere mixed up in this mess is a little bit of Hair Crisis 2010, a Road to HalCon report, Ryan Reynolds recites the Lantern oath, and Ryan Lee buys the coolest shoes on Planet Earth while suffering the condemning gazes of alterna-whores. Oh, the humanity! And that’s why we love comics.

If you like entertainment, you need to listen to WMD on Wednesdays. If you want comic reviews and more of the world’s most absurd comics podcast, visit the blog and our brand new website.

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