Burnt Weiners Episode 036 Neonomicon #1

Alan Moore stops by the studio to talk with the Weiners . . . no wait, we just read a book he did for Avatar Press called Neonomicon, which is a followup to the story The Courtyard! The issue inspires the Weiners to get a bit raunchy . . .

Weed has a large stack of comics he wants to show you (and something else, in the alley, away from other eyes) including Secret Six, Unwritten, Thanos and Brightest Day. Steege forgets to talk about Red Cliff this week, but instead talks about Dinner Party Download, Dragon Age and his Bloodbowl party!

Travis talks about Inception and his love for everyone involved (luckily for you, no real spoilers), Bo touches upon Tiny Titans and the last collection of The Sword. John couldn’t check anything out this week other than news from .SDCC, and hits some of the hot topics and announcments form the con!

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