WMD 110 with Jeff Preston

This week WMD is pleased to welcome illustrator and fellow monster fiend Jeff Preston to the Monster CaveĀ® to chat with us about his work and his love of monsters. Before the show be sure to check out http://jeffpreston.net to gander at his beautiful on line portfolio.
We’ll also have an update from friend of the show Erik Hendrix regarding his books The Citizens and Faction from Carpet Bomb Comics.
Other topics will include the Green Lantern costume being revealed. Do we like it? Do you? Updates from San Diego Comic Con International as well as whatever happens in the world between now and Wednesday night.
As we do every week, we’ll also be reviewing the new comics on the shelves at Strange Adventures, new movies on the screen at Empire Theatres and trying to unload our Geek Cred t-shirts upon the unwashed masses.

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