Burnt Weiners Episode 035 Widow Warriors #1

The guys check out Pat Lee’s Widow Warriors from Dynamite Entertainment, and wonder what all the fuss about Pat Lee is about . . . then find out he might want to run for a political position for how dirty his past is!

Batman checks out some X-Box Three Hundred Sixty Degrees games: Batman Arkham Asylum and Star Wars Force Unleashed, which starts up a discussion about game difficulty. Steege cannot stop talking about Red Cliff (International Version), and gets excited about Breath of Death VII on X-Box Live Indie, and then a ittle bit about his new MP3 player.

Weed doesn’t Skype in because he is a big doo doo face!

John gets excited about Stuff of Legend: The Jungle, Daytripper #8, and the book from William Harm called Dead or Alive (not beach volleyball, but zombies in the old west). Bo checks out some more Star Trek and some Timothy Zahn Star Wars books but his heart is captured by Cormac in Hawks of Outremer!

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