Sidekickcast Episode #44 – Sleeping with the Sidekicks

This week on the Sidekickcast the lunatics take over the asylum; Gavin is convinced it’s San Diego Comic Con even though it’s not until this weekend and Ned manages to drink himself into a coma, so it’s left to the consummate professional Dan to keep everything together. There’s talk of X-Men: First Class casting, Marvel shorts, a new zombie book by some guys from Cardiff called Stiffs, i-pad graffiti and even a challenge laid down to the Sidekicks.

In Stack Attack we look at Invincible Iron Man #27, Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #3, Shadowland #1, Batman Beyond #1, Secret Avengers #2, The Death of Dracula and for Second Coming: X-Men: Legacy #237 and X-Force #28.

Just how will Dan react to losing a point in Secrets and Lies without even getting to play? Will he be able to get back what he didn’t even lose? Umbrella Academy vol.1 went down pretty well for the last Knowing Me, Knowing You but will vol.2 Dallas fair as well? Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for some hilarious out-takes and tune in next time for some actual SDCC news.

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