Burnt Weiners Episode 034 Shadowland #1

The Weiners celebrate some birthdays the Paul Dundee way . . . by reading the kickoff issue to SHADOWLAND! The Hand, Daredevil and Bullseye help blow out the birthday candles, and can’t recall the Banner’s name on the Incredible Hulk TV Show (and it was David, because “Bruce” was “too gay”).

Travis talks about some more metal concerts he attended, John gets pumped for Maleev and Bendis’ return as a working team on Scarlet (Icon Comics).

Weed tells us all about I Zombie (Vertigo), Brightest Day (DC), Secret Six (DC), Dark Rain (Vertigo), Pet Avengers (Marvel), Persepolis (Pantheon), and Dust Wars (Image)! WHEW!

Steege shares with us some wrestling stories, The Faith Series Jesus Christ (Bluewater) and how God has a broken heart and the devil looks awesome, and Electric Ant (Marvel). Bo then gushes about Green Lantern, Lobo, Atrocitus, dogs and kitty cats! Lobo – F YEAH!

The some more blah blah blah about random video game things and gross friends!

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