Chronic Insomnia – Issue #149 The Harvey Pekar Episode!

We honor the memory of the indie legend Harvey Pekar by mentioning him not at all.  Like, not once.  Mike showed me the memorial image he photoshopped 12 seconds before we recorded….and still didn’t mention him outside of the pre-vault drop.  But my friend Cian says that Paul Giamatti would play me if a film were ever made of my life, so I guess that counts for something.  Anywho.

Wild horses couldn’t pull me off of Mel Gibson at this point, so I whip that dead donkey a little more.  Eisner nominated coverage of Lebron James and Lindsey Lohan included as well.  Marvel cans Ed Norton from the Avengers picture because he doesn’t play well with others.  Or maybe it was the money.  Good riddance either way, say we, but then we’re crotchety like that.  The world definitely needed another Deapool book, and it is damn well getting one, from David Lapham no less.  Plus, we finally have an arrest in the Steve Perry case!

Market Spotlight focuses on the last of the Church collection hitting the open market, and a Batman trade probably sitting in your LCS right now you can double your money on.  Time Machine is basically a rant about late books and a love letter to Scarlet.  This is the Bendis we knew was laying in there somewhere, and it’s about damn time!  On the rack this week: a Brave & The Bold issue that could be the Big Thing JMS has been promising all year, but more than likely will just be an appearance by the Inferior 5.  Pluse, Steve Niles and some guy from Tool are unleashing an X-Files/30 Days of Night book!

See you next week for the big 150 with special guests and inspired nonsense!  Until then, be sure to catch WMD if you like good shows.  But if that were the case you wouldn’t be listening to us.

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