Tales of the Justice Society of America #35



Yes, the internet radio show you just can’t get rid of (and why would you want to?!) is back with EVEN MORE exciting World War II-era JSA adventures — plus a bonus or two thrown in just because Mike and Scott love ya!
This week, the guys start out with ALL-STAR SQUADRON #6, which wraps up the Feathered Serpent storyline. This is a weird one because Scott and Mike have some fairly positive things to say about it (gasp!), but the problems were pretty epic. For one thing, the truth behind the Feathered Serpent is the worst kind of wonky and showcased one of several of Scott and Mike’s least favorite comic book cliches (and, you know these guys, they spend a lot of time whining about it). 
However, there is much gushing over NEW ARTIST Adrian Gonzales and his dynamic stylings. Plus — The LISTENER-FAVORITE FEATURE — The Hostess Ad!! This week: Featuring the Fastest Man Alive — The Flash! With guest-villain Kenny Rogers as Dumbledore! 
Stand by after the break for MORE of The Huntress back-up stories from Wonder Woman #s 274-276. This exciting story, which was a vast improvement over the last storyarc, sees the Huntress team-up with gal-pal Power Girl to fights… The Thinker!  
This was a really solid story with a bit of a weak ending, and the art is a little odd in places, but STILL — it was Power Girl and Huntress teaming up!! Sadly, there are no ‘Cinemax-at-3-o’clock-in-the-morning’ moments.
You get ALL of this PLUS listener feedback AND ‘Elsewhere in the DC Multiverse’, too!! Not a bad deal for just 3 easy installments of $99.95 each!!
Next week: ALL-STAR SQUADRON #7 and MORE of The Huntress back-up feature!!



 Simply The Bestest Podcast You’ve Ever Heard… or my name isn’t William Howard Taft!!


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