Backroom Comics Podcast – You Got Your Booze In My Comics! Video Promo

The Backroom Comics Podcast is pleased to introduce our first ever…
“You Got Your Booze In My Comics”
A fun-filled night of revelry and merriment!

MARVEL! At the great finds to be had in a comic book swap!
(Bring one, take one! Kinda like a key party only way less icky!)

BEHOLD! As we challenge you to answer our death defying trivia questions!

CHUCKLE! As we entertain you with a live reading of…

(from: JAM! Tales from the World of Roller Derby & written by our very own Kevin Malcolm!!)

PARTICIPATE! In a little game we’re going to call “Drink & Draw”
(pretty much what it sounds like… with prizes!)

Trivia! Comic book swapping! Live staged readings! Prizes! Games! Booze! You!

Monday, July 12th at 8pm at Solo Bar (200 Roy Street, Seattle, WA). FREE. 21+.

Questions? Comments? Please stop by the Backroom Comics Podcast website. You can also visit our event invitation on Facebook.

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