Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 148 Independence Day!

It’s time to celebrate the birth of America as only the Chronic Crew can!  The opener is mostly devoted to the imminent collapse of society.  Mel Gibson opens his big fat mouth again, that’s always fun.  Blue Oyster Cult is now doing mini-van commercials – my, how the mighty Satanists have fallen!  Meanwhile, Peggy West says Arizona should stop crying about illegals because they aren’t on the Mexican border, and South Carolina has decided that they probably need an unemployed soon-to-be felon sitting in the US Senate.  Way to rock the vote red, white, and blue!

Meet the new Spider-Man and the world’s greatest X-Toilet in Chronic News! We also sort through all the legalese and dissect the upcoming trial with the Kirby heirs in some detail.  Do they have a case?  Marvel has their hands full for sure, but we don’t ever count the Disney lawyers out in this Eisner nominated news room…

Paul Cornell takes the Man of Steel out of comics, and then some other foreigners do the X-Men in the Time Machine!  Then a bunch of foreigners do the X-Women in Next Week’s Books!  How dare they?  Go America!

Check out our friends at Where Monsters Dwell if you like GOOD shows.  We also have this blog thingy that this crazy haired man reviews comic books on, check it out for the latest in “Hair Watch 2010″.  Oh yeah, we also have a great website you should check out for some more super cool things we’ve been doing.

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