Burnt Weiners Episode 033 Unknown Soldier #21

The Weiners take a look at a series that will unfortunately be ending in a few months, the critically acclaimed Unknown Soldier from Vertigo comics. This issue in particular blows them away . . . no pun intended as it focuses on the firearm AK-47.

Steege gets excited for the new Bloodbowl expansion for PC, and tells us about another excellent podcast focusing on the Bloodbowl board game and videogame, Three Die Block! Check out their podcasts here:


Steege raves a bit more about the movie Red Cliff, before John shoves him out of the way to talk about Beasts of Burden (Dark Horse). Weed checks out Joker’s Asylum II: Clayface, Angel(IDW) and Red Sonja(Dynamite), which brings up a little discussion about Robert E Howard. Bo again tries to get us a deal with Avatar Press as he raves about Chronicles of Wormwood and Captain Swing.

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