F BombCast: 89: Comics? Yeah, We Like Comics

You want to know how tired TJ is? Just look at the title of the Episode in iTunes, it is misnamed, It was supposed to be Comics, Yeah we Like Comics, but Oh well, we talk like comics too.  After about 15-20 minutes of stories of his daughters fecal matter, His fathers selfish TV viewing, and Tales of touring with Phish, Kev and TJ break out the comic talk and it just never goes away. There are so many discussed that i will try to hit them all, We talk Hulk 23, Supergirl, 53, Superman 700, Detective 866, Titans Something, The Wolfman/Pérez Titans OGN coming out in september and a Shit load of the Ultimate books. If that is not enough comic talk for you then we also break out some comic news discussing Recent Castings as well as the new appointment of Jeph Loeb at marvel. Get out your geek hat, For Comics is the special of the day.

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