Burnt Weiners Episode 032 Seabear and Grizzly Shark

What happens when a great reversal of land and sea results in a bear in the sea and a shark in the woods? Well , the Weiners are dying to find out! They check out the latest offering from Image Comics called Seabear and Grizzly Shark #1.

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Weed checks out some digital comics, Arkham Asylum Killer Croc, Joe the Barbarian, and DV8 Gods and Monsters. Steege brings more of a great comic to the group in the form of Phillip K Dick’s Electric Ant (Marvel), a not so great Resident Evil (Wildstorm) comic book, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time and avoids washing his body so he has time to play Kingdom Heroes.

John is so very excited about where Zatanna (DC) and 7 Pyschopaths (Boom) and how quickly crazy people can turn on you! Bo and John disagree on the newest Green Arrow comic book, and then Bo once again squeals like a little girl about how goo The Tick (New England) is and talks about some creepy anatomy of the comic!

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