Burnt Weiners Episode 031 Jokers Asylum II Harley Quinn

It’s a madhouse or so they say! The Weiners check out Joker’s Asylum II, this one focusing on Harley Quinn and her obsession of Valentine’s Day and Mistah J!

Travis also checks out another Joker’s Asylum title centering around Mad Hatter, Brightest Day and Birds of Prey. Weed also talks a bit bout Birds of Prey and Brightest Day, but also checks out some more Batman tales. Steege checks out the Mass Effect comic, oversees a wedding, and gets into a PS2 game called Xenosaga.

John gets berated while talking about The Boys, Crossed and was very happy with the ending of Forgetless(Image). Bo once agin gets his Star Trek trek back on trek (take that!) and is enjoying Spider-Man.

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