Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 146 A Knobby Sighting?

Chronic Insomnia celebrates three years in the podcasting biz with a story that could only come out of Cleveland County, North Carolina.  Knobby is roaming the backwoods of the south…but what is this strange creature?  A sasquatch?  ZZ Top?  The Nelson brothers?  Not even special guest and armchair cryptozoologist Mike T knows for sure, but that’s why we love comics!

In Chronic News, Shadowland will be hitting comic stands near you…HARD.  Dan Slott to quarterback Amazing Spider-Man solo, and a national retail chain is going to start adding comics to the menu.  This might just be the shot in the arm the direct market desperately needs!  Ryan’s money making secrets are anything but hush hush in this Batman HC edition of Market Spotlight!

Was Jonah Hex the worst movie in the history of Earth, or the entire universe?  (neither, actually)  A spoiler loaded review of the film in this episode!  Summer is in full swing, so dig out your Nair, slap some on your bikini area and indulge in the world’s most absurd comics podcast, now three years old!

Check out our good friends at Where Monsters Dwell to see how a real show is done.  You can also check out our good friend Leroy and pals at Comic Tube.  If you want more Chronic Insomnia, check out our website here.  As always we love the all of you.

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