Burnt Weiners Episode 030 Hack Slash My First Maniac #1

The Weiners, during a good Iowa thunderstorm, check out a comic book they have been meaning to read more of: the comic from Tim Seeley call Hack Slash, this series being called My First Maniac, an origin tale for one the heroine Cassie. A shout out to THE CORE in Cedar Falls for hooking us up with some White Lantern Power Rings!

Bo checks out Robert E Howard’s Hawks of Outremer (Boom), Heroclix Blackest Night, The Buzzard (Dark Horse) and Batman #700 (plannning to jump on board with the series)! Travis checks out some Batman books as well, and teams up with Steege to check out Fame The Lady Gaga Comic (Bluewater Studios).

Steege then also checks out Philip K Dick’s Electric Ant (Marvel) and God of War (Wildstorm), the movie The Seventh Seal and then gushes about an opera called Wagner’s Das Rheingold! John checks out a book that was recommended to him long ago, a French hardcover collection called Blacksad (Dark Horse). Weed then tells us more about Game of Thrones, Secret Six and Unwritten.

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