F BombCast 87: Cthulu Fish Tacos

He’s Baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!! Yes ladies and gentlemen, The fabulous Mike Manning is back and we learn what has been going on in his life.   While transporting the elderly, Mike has an encounters that only the Great Old Ones would call Cthulu Pussy. Tj takes a walk, and walks, and walks , and walks. Learn how much TJ can stereotype a huge group of people. Heroes Con is discussed further and in the middle are some interviews with Christos Gage (GI Joe/Cobra, Avengers Academy, Absolution) and Thom Zahler (Love and Capes). The we get into more comics then i think Mike has ever spoken of before. Zatana, Avengers Academy, Secret Avengers, Avengers #1, War of the Supermen 1-4, Return of Bruce Wayne, Batman 700, Daredevil and more are all discussed. And the Cherry on Top is the fantabulously Kitschy Batman: XXX.

Reach Christos Gage through twitter at: www.twitter.com/christosgage

Reach Thom Zahler Through his website: www.loveandcapes.com

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