Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 145 Audio Insanity?

A most bizarre and unexpected episode of Chronic populated by unprecedented events!  Ryan subjects listeners to an impromptu Bible lesson, Mike cancels the show mid-episode due to hypoglycemia, we record the rest of the show Tuesday night in Studio A, and Mike records a touching time-capsule birthday message for his son!   Check out the great sound quality change at minute 24 and see how crappy our other microphones are.

The Steve Perry case gets even weirder if such a thing is possible, and we discuss Gaiman Vs. McFarlane II in detail during Chronic News!  Never pay full price for a late pizza, but we’ll teach you how you can pay full price for a TMNT trade and make a gazillion dollars in Market Spotlight!  Rick Remender sails the Sea of Red in the Time Machine, and go figure, another Avengers book hits the stands this week!

There’s entirely too much singing in this episode for anyone’s comfort, but if you’re looking for high grade pop culture podcasting, you can always find it with our classy older Canadian sister – Where Monsters Dwell!  Please check out our brand new website and if you like podcasts about comic book movies, check out Comic Tube.

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