Chronic Insomnia – Issue #144 The Sack Tapper!

It’s a gala event with special guest and friend of the show Mike Turek!  There can never be enough Mikes in the studio, especially when the day’s hot topic is testicles, a specialty of both Michaels.  Discover the clandestine underground world of sack tapping, and the horrible consequences thereof.  Speaking of horrible consequences, Hair Crisis 2010 is also reaching a fever pitch.

In Chronic News, Swamp Thing rejoins the regular DCU, and CB Cebulski rankles with his tweet, (still legal in all 50 states, but not advisable) But the big news this week is that Marvel is set to release the Invincible Iron Man Annual in digital the same day print copies hit the stands.  Price point not included.  We’re becoming the headquarters for the digital revolution, so just hand us the journalistic Eisner now!

Warhammer comics and Beta Ray Bill can make you money today.  Seriously.  Details included in Market Spotlight!  Time Machine teaches us that if Brightest Day gets any brighter, we’ll all be reaching for a fresh glass of blow fish toxin to end the pain.  And just when you think we’ve hit the bottom of the barrel, this week Ryan stoops to reading solicitation copy on helium.

Hey….pssst!  If you love comics, money, or fun…we are the show you’ve been waiting your whole life for!  It’s either us or our classy older sister from Canada, Where Monsters Dwell.  Also check out our NEW WEBSITE.  We’ve worked long and hard on it, so please visit it and tell us what you think.  As always, we love the all of you.

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