Wednesday Warriors – Episode #52 – The Heroic Age

Episode 52

Sean Black reviews DC’s 52 for episode 52 in just 52 seconds!  Zounds and astonishment abound! Wonders never cease here! Join us as we chat about comics on a heroic scale as we look at the new heroic books released this week.

Books Reviewed:

52 (DC Comics)
Written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid; Art by Eddy Barrows, Chris Batista, Keith Giffen, Ken Lashley, Shawn Moll, Joe Bennett, Todd Nauck, Dale Eaglesham, Phil Jimenez, Drew Johnson, Pat Olliffe, Tom Derenick, Jamal Yaseem Igle, Dan Jurgens, Joe Prado, Andy Smith, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Justiniano, Don Kramer, Mike McKone, Darick Robertson

Thunderbolts #144 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Jeff Parker; Art by Kev Walker

The Invincible Iron Man Vol. 1 HC (Marvel Comics)
Written by Matt Fraction; Art by Salvador Larroca

Daredevil #8 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Stan Lee; Art by Wally Wood

Iron Man: Noir #1 (Marvel Comics)
Written by Scott Snyder; Art by Manuel Garcia, Lorenzo Ruggiero

G.I. Joe Hearts & Minds #1 (IDW)
Written by Max Brooks; Art by Howard Chaykin

Pilot Season: Stealth #1 (Top Cow)
Written by Robert Kirkman; Sheldon Mitchell, Rick Basaldua, Joe B. Weems V

Jonah Hex #1 (DC Comics)
Written by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti; Art by Luke Ross

I Kill Giants Titan Edition HC (Image Comics)
Written by Joe Kelly; Art by Ken Niimura

Trivia Contest: Supergirl #50 signed by Jake Black

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