Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 143 We Luv Ya Dennis!

Lots to memorialize; servicemen, Gary Coleman, and the great Dennis Hopper!  A special guest appearance by The Almighty in Studio B, and it’s always a special treat when God visits the City He Forgot.  Mike is sick, very nasally, and as usual hopping around the internet making friends and influencing people.  Find out which podcasting royalty we’ve irritated this week!

IDW goes digital a month after print this summer, The Eagle Awards Initiative launches the coolest talent search in ever, and Hope Larson picks up where the Estrogen Report left off.  You know what women like to read?  Same thing you do, jerkwad – Batman stories that don’t suck!

Market Spotlight teaches you how Bruce Campbell, the Age of Apocalypse, and Ed Brubaker can make you mad piles of cash. Hey, profiteering makes for strange bedfellows.  Patton Oswalt’s “Serenity” book hits shelves this week, and so Paolo Parente brings the buzz in “Dust Wars” from Image.

This is a fun week.  If you’re not allergic to fun, I recommend you join us this week.  And if we don’t seem like your cup of tea, might we recommend our classy older sister show in Canda, Where Monsters Dwell and Comic Tube.  Please do check out our brand new website and Eisner Nominated Blog. As always, we love the all of you.

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