Burnt Weiners Episode 028 Thanos Imperative Ignition

It looks like there might be a showdown between Magus and Thanos and the Weiners want to see the clash of those titans! But they are less than thrilled at the reprinting of old comics as backups in their comics.

John talks about Green Lantern Corp and how he owes Tony Bedard an apology, Wyatt Earp (Radical), Seven Soldiers (Boom), JL Generation Lost (DC), and the greatness of Unknown Soldier. Travis brings up a metal show that some of the Weiners were involved with, and his terrible shirt choice.

Weed brings out his naughty and nice list and talks about Gi Joe (IDW), Angel (IDW), DV8 Gods and Monsters (Wildstorm), Secret Six (DC), a little bit about playing some VS games against THE RING HAS CHOSEN guys, Welcome to Tranquility(Wildstorm, and Game of Thrones just before slipping in some LOST talk. Then we all have to shell out money as Travis keeps singing very expensive songs we have to pay for the rights for.

Bo is working on getting caught up on Ultimate Spider-Man and tells us all about it befoe we find a present left from Steege which we hope he tells us about on the next show.

The autotune explanation:
The “black holes would hurt” prequel:
More black hole fun:
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