Chronic Insomnia – Issue 142 The Steve Perry Episode

Oh Sherry, have we got a show for you this week!  More driving lessons from our own little Steve McQueen, plus the saddest thing you will ever hear or see in your entire life – and her name is Sassy.

News is dominated by the horrible circumstances surrounding Steve Perry.  No, not that Steve Perry….the Thundercats/Silverhawks guy.  Also, we work in a really solid impersonation of Megan Fox in there somewhere.  Conan brings some Hyborian power to your wallet in Market Spotlight!  Hey, did you miss the “Young James Bond” graphic novel that hit last week?  We did too, but we’ll tell you about “Silverfin” in the Time Machine.

The mark of a good show is when Mike makes Ryan spit his drink onto his chest.  This is a good show.  Take a chance and join us just this once, won’t you?  And when you’re done with that, be sure to check our good friends at Where Monsters Dwell and Comic Tube.  We also have a new website and you should definitely check it out.

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