Burnt Weiners Episode 027 Avengers #1

*If you would be so kind, please ignore the lackluster sound quality. There was a problem with a microphone and the problem has been fixed for future episodes. Thank you*

The guys check out the new Avengers #1, which is relaunching from Marvel Comics, ushering in their Heroic Age . . . and The Weiners are quite underwhelmed with the new direction. Lots of talk about breakfast cereals kicks the show off.

Travis talks about a movie based on a Stephen King short story. Kang tries to come back in time and ruin the last episode of Lost for Steege, but Steege turns to Deadly Premonition (X-Box 360) for comfort. Steege has a chance to check out Fraggle Rock #1 and falls in love with the art. Weed approves of Zatanna, Brightest Day, Joe The Barbarian, and Battlefields. John quickly touches on Scalped and Captain Blood. Bo then tells us a Spider-Man story he is writing and presenting to Marvel, and a few other things he is checking out.

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