Killyrcomics Episode 31

Killyrcomics Episode 31

Don and I recorded episode 31 last night and we talked about a lot of comics including Siege #4. We both had some concerns, but they were different for each of us. Other comics covered include Savage Dragon #160, Dark Avengers #16, Thor #609, The Sentry Fallen Sun, Amazing Spider-man #630 and #631, Incredible Hulk #609, GI Joe #155 1/2, Uncanny X-men #524, New Mutants #13, IZombie #1, The Eternal Conflicts of the Cosmic Warrior, Lone Wolfe 2100 Vol. 2: The Language of Chaos, and Achewood: The Great Outdoor Fight… wheww.. gotta take a breath. News is pretty slight with some brief comments on the latest DC and Marvel Solicitations. Deciphering the DCU continues with the Rann/Thanagar War TPB and Don is surprised to learn we are NOT reading Infinite Crisis yet. Flashbacks take a familiar turn for me as I talk about Fantastic Four #340, but Don struts his indie cred with a review of Pifitos by Ukrainian artist Igor Baranko. Also, Don confirms that he will be at Summit City comic-con trying to meet some fans wearing his Ebola Zaire t-shirt. Look for him, if you can muster the courage. He’s really not that scary now that he got a haircut.

-Drew W.


Podcast: Episode 31

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