Burnt Weiners Episode 026 Birds of Prey #1

The Birds Are Back In Town!!! Diving right back into a series a few of the guys have missed, the Weiners check out Birds of Prey #1 and talk about their love of the characters and Gail Simone!

Travis checks out more Orc Stain, Brave and the Bold, and Detective Comics and seems to be diving into comics headfirst. John talks about 9, Punisher Max, forgets to bring up seeing Iron Man 2 (it was good), and really is enjoying Justice League Generation Lost. Weed checks out some more Dr Who, Game of Thrones, Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers, and tells us of some of his adventures in Boston. Bo is checking out more Star Trek, makes John get slapped, insists on talking about some “viewer” mail and talks about the boob front that came rolling in from X-Men Xenogenesis!

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