Chronic Insomnia – Issue #141 Like A Rainbow In The Dark

Tune in for your weekly rainbow in the dark, Chronic Insomnia.  Of course we like to think of ourselves as the toilet water of comics podcasting.  Full details on Ryan’s excursion to Spring Con this weekend, including a conversation with the legendary Jim Shooter, a legendary Miracleman hardcover find, and Virtual Girl’s legendary posterior!

We cover the Smallville finale in full spoilerific detail, discuss race in DC comics, and engage in a no holds barred “Dio-Off”.  Which Chronic crew member does Ronnie James most proud?  You decide.

When your done with that, get a double-shot of Chronic with Chronic Insomnia Presents:  Anthony Del Col!  We spoke with the co-creator of buzz book Kill Shakespeare for an hour, and it is must listening!

Also check out our good friends at Where Monsters Dwell and Comic Tube.  We also have a brand new website that you might like to check out.  It’s filling up daily, with things that will make you laugh and possibly make you vomit.  As always, we do really love the all of you.

And YES, the laugh tracks are our way of saying, we don’t think we’re funny this week at all.  Aren’t we cleaver?

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