Secret Identity Podcast Issue #234–Machete, Generator Rex and ComicCONN

Topics Covered In This Issue:

Movies / TV:
Nightmare on Elm Street takes in 32 million in first weekend;
Kick-Ass Director May Take on X-Men;
Dark Tower project moving forward;
Incognito may be headed to the big screen;
Hugo Weaving is the Red Skull;
New Machete cinco de mayo trailer (;
Human Centipede Trailer ( )

Boob Tube / Big Screen Blitzkrieg:
Dr. Who;
The Pacific;
Fourth Kind

Choice of the Dragon / Choice of Broadsides (;
The Saboteur (;
Tiger Eye: Curse of the Riddle Box (

Saturday Morning Special:
Generator Rex

New Releases:

Creator Spotlight: Mitch Hallock
Matt sat down with the man behind ComicCONN this past week during Free Comic Book Day. For more info on ComicCONN, which is happening this weekend, head over to

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