Tales of the Justice Society of America #26



Here is the final installment of The TALES OF THE JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA‘s three-part look at the Justice League/Justice Society team-ups that took place after ALL-STAR COMICS #58!! This time, Scott and Mike are REALLY FREAKING EXCITED because BOTH of these stories feature art by the one and only GEORGE PEREZ! Not only that, but the stories are freaking amazing, too!

In the first story, the two teams of Justice come face to face with the New Gods as they fight to stop Darkseid from destroying EARTH-2! Sure, there are a few problems with the story (Scott takes issue with Superman whining about feeling like an outsider and Mike thinks that the New Gods were best left to Kirby), but there is a whole lot of fun in this tale and the art, after the first issue, kicks up to 11 because… did we mention that George Perez came on as artist during these stories? We did? Well, we’re going to say it again because GEORGE PEREZ IS COMPOSED OF 100% AWESOME!

Then, there’s what Mike believes to be the BEST JLA/JSA TEAM-UP of all freaking time (and Scott pretty much agrees)!! It’s the JLA and the JSA versus the NEW Secret Society of Super-Villains in a yarn that is damn near perfect from beginning to end! Not only do we get to see a really great team of villains being assembled, but we also get to see the Earth-2 Superman as drawn by George Perez!!

Did we mention George Perez? We did? Well, that’s because GEORGE PEREZ IS COMPOSED OF 100% AWESOME!

This is a beast of an episode, clocking in at nearly two hours, but we feel it is totally worth it! In fact, we guarantee it or your money back!!



Best.Show.Ever.” — listener Jaak Purres

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