Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 139 Vagazzled!

As if we needed any more obstructions, now women have decided to epoxy jewels to their lady bits!  Full report on this phenomenon, which should net us yet another Eisner.

We cover Saturday’s “Free Comic Book Day”, which is delightful, by which I mean you’ll probably want to shove a fork in your ears to make it stop.  Zuda has eliminated the competitive aspect of their program, which should upset all 17 people who were participating in that arena.  Peter David teaches us that we should probably consider being nicer to people on the interweb, and Ryan is desperately trying to comply with that – but it’s difficult when listeners are goading him into flame wars with iFanboy and also to secede from the United States.  I need a vacation!

All Hail Megatron in Market Spotlight!  Listen up and find out how you can turn a $20 Transformers trade that is probably sitting at your LCS right now into enough money to float your pull list for the month.  If that isn’t enough to titillate…I don’t know.  I can’t help you.

This episode also includes yet another spider attack.  Studio B is crawling with arachnids, which unfortunately only give Ryan the super power to shriek like a little girl.  That sort of power comes with Great Responsibility, folks.  We are having the time of lives, so why not join us, just this once?

And when you’re done with our amateur act, be sure to check out Where Monsters Dwell, Comic Tube, Nerds Of The Round Table and our very own Eisner Nominated Blog.  As always, we love the all of you.

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