Sidekickcast Episode #38 – Love Letters to Bones

Sidekickcast Episode #38 - Love Letters to Bones

It’s back to basics in the best possible way as regular Sidekickcast hosts Dan and Gavin geek out for the first time in a while with some talk about new Who, Captain America casting, Shadowlands and of course comic books.

This episode’s Stack Atack sees the boys look at Nemesis #1, Blackest Night #8, X-Men: Second Coming #1 and New Avengers: Military Exclusive #8.

The comic book news quiz that is Secrets and Lies powers on with a snapshot of some of the news to come out of Wondercon 2010. Knowing Me, Knowing You makes a triumphant return with the double header of Akira for Gavin and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 for Dan but which will come out on top? And finally the Sidekicks take a look at American Born Chinese as part of the listener appreciation programme we like to call Dig This! Don’t forget to listen past the outro music to hear how crap we actually are when not cleverly edited.

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